Indian wedding at Penha Longa Resort, Sintra, Lisbon

An Indian wedding at Penha Longa Resort is an opportunity to be at as Luxury Hotel in Sintra, so were you can get married at a beautiful golf gardens and an historical charm and modern luxury resort.

This hotel, the only within the natural park, seamlessly incorporates a 14th century monastery and chapel within its luxurious setting.

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Three days Wedding

This was an Indian wedding according to its traditional customs, and it lasted for three days. First day, the traditional Mehndi ceremony took place, where the bride and her friends and family painted complex henna patterns on their hands and feet. At the end of this first night, the guests received a dinner and a bridal party with their close relatives and friends.

On the second day the Sangeet took place. There, all the guests participate, where the presentation of the couple’s families is made, a meal and dances. One of the main characteristics of the guests’ clothes on this day is the bright colors in the traditional dresses

In the third day is the day of the main ceremony, the reception and dinner. This dinner, were the food are spicy and it’s all vegetarian (which also includes a party with a DJ late into the night) also took place with the traditional speeches of the closest family and friends

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